Pir Hameed ud din Siavi Khatam e Nabawut Conference in Faislabad

Pir Khuwaja Hameed Ud din Sialvi Jalsa in Faislabad proven a big dent into PMLN alliance, Many of MPA and MNA's now leaving PMLN and joining the wave of Pir Khuwaja Hameed ud din Sialvi. As earlier Pir Hameed Ud Din demand resignation of Rana Sana Ullah which Rana Sana Ullah refused saying that he is not elected by any Pir but elected by Peoples of his area. so he will not resign on the demand of Single person his political pir is Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. This statement spark the emotions of Pir Hameed Ud Din supporters.

resulting this Massive crowd gathering in Faislabad. Thousands of peoples can be seen gathered in Dhobi Ghat Jalsa Gah, But now the situation is much alarming and worst for pmln , coming days could bring more changes in the region,

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